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Three Maths Problems to Tease Your Brain

After work yesterday afternoon I went to a Teach Meet – an event organised by the local Maths Hub for maths teachers to meet and chat and exchange ideas. This meet was on the theme of problem solving – a topic which is gaining importance in the curriculum. People who know me know that I love a good Professional Development event – a chance to meet other maths teachers, talk about maths and eat cake. Yesterday afternoon’s event did not disappoint – and neither did the cake. I also love a good maths problem, so here are three problems from the event.

  1. There are five single digit numbers. Their mean, median, mode and range are all the same. What are the five numbers?
  2. ABCDE x4 = EDCBA (where ABCDE is a 5 digit number) what digits do the letters represent?
  3. The 24 Game. Using all four numbers 4, 6, 6 and 8, but using each number only once, there are over 60 different ways of getting the answer 24 by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. How many can you and your friends find? You can try it with different numbers – some websites will randomly generate four numbers for you, time you, give you a score, and cool stuff like that.

Here are 3 websites where you can find lots more challenging maths problems. These websites are great for parents, teachers, home educators, or for maths geeks who just enjoy spending their spare time doing this stuff.

  1. Transum
  2. Nrich
  3. Mathsticks