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Ten Dresses that I Love

I never used to wear dresses. I didn’t like the way they looked when stretched over my lumps and bumps. Then a few years ago I lost about three stone in weight and now I love wearing dresses as they hang properly on me and look and feel great. Since then I have bought rather a lot of dresses. I always buy them when they are ain the sale – preferably at least 75% off! I am a very successful bargain hunter. Here are some of my favourites. Which one do you like best?


This is an old dress that I’ve had for years and years. I bought it with my first pay check from my first job. It’s from Laura Ashley. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever owned.




This is my most recent purchase. A branch of Fat Face recently opened at my local outlet centre and I couldn’t resist buying this. It is beautiful.




This one is from White Stuff. I bought it at my local outlet centre. I love the colour and the design that looks abstract at first but when you look more closely you see that it is in fact lots of flamingos.




This dress is from East which is normally out of my price range but every so often they have a sale with some big discounts. It looks a bit shapeless on the hanger but it has a draw string waist and looks really good on.




I bought this dress for my summer holiday. Most maxi dresses seem to have little straps. I don’t like strappy dresses as I don’t like having my bra straps on show, and I’m too big to go braless, so when I found this dress in a sale in Dickens and Jones I bought it in green, blue and in pink.




I found this dress in Marks and Spencer shortly before Christmas a couple of years ago and I thought it was perfect for Christmas parties. I like it because it’s very bright, and it has two different types of fabric. The top part is cotton jersey while the skirt is crepe.




Everybody needs a little black dress and this one is from Marks and Spencer. I like the little lacy inserts.




I love this dress! It’s so flattering if you have an hourglass figure because it emphasises your slim waist and the curve of your hips. It is from Joe Browns.




I love jumper dresses! They are so snuggly with a pair of woolly tights. This one is from Weird Fish.




Another recent purchase, this one is from Mantaray at Debenhams. Mantaray is one of my favourite labels. It is so pretty and comfy that I went out and bought it in the blue too. It was half price and it might still be on offer if you hurry.