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Ten Things You Can Relate to if You are Married to an Albanian Man

  1. Your husband’s dream is to own a car wash. (If he doesn’t already own one.)
  2. Instead of trying on trousers, when you go clothes shopping together, he will put his forearm in the waist of the trousers to measure them. If it fits snugly then he knows the  trousers will fit him.
  3. If you go to visit your in-laws in Albania, don’t be surprised to find a dead goat in the bathroom. It means you are an honoured guest and they are preparing a special meal for you.Flag_of_Albania_svg
  4. Whenever you go and visit his Albanian friends, you will be offered a drink on a silver tray, with a dish of chocolates. Every Albanian wife has to own a silver tray.
  5. There has to be bread and salad on the table at every meal, otherwise it’s not a proper meal.albanian-map
  6. Your husband seems to have thousands of cousins, aunts and uncles but you are never sure exactly how they are related to him because the definitions of these words are so much more complicated than they are in English.
  7. Your mother-in-law will perform strange rituals involving matches and water if your baby is ill or wakes in the night.
  8. If he shakes his head he means yes and if he nods he means no.
  9. If you are offered a cup of coffee in someone’s house you are expected to say no several times, even if you want one. The host will continue to offer until you say yes. Likewise, if you offer your Albanian guests a coffee and they refuse, don’t take them at their word. You are expected to keep on offering until they accept.
  10. Above all, if you are lucky enough to be married to an Albanian, you will be accepted as part of the family and will always be shown great hospitality and warmth.keep-calm-and-marry-an-albanian