Ten Things

This is a blog about lists. Lists of things I like, things I don’t like, recipes, maths problems, things that make me angry, and many more lists.

Ten Things About Me

  1. am a maths teacher – I teach GCSE maths in a Further Education college to students who failed it when they were at school. I love maths and try to inspire the same passion in my students, generally with little success.
  2. I love cats and I have a tabby cat called Custard.
  3. I joined the Labour party on the day that Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the party
  4. I am a mother to two sons.
  5. I am married to an Albanian man.
  6. I live in Gloucestershire.
  7. I speak fluent Italian because I spent 10 years teaching English in Italy.
  8. I am a vegetarian.
  9. I used to weigh about three stone more than I do now. I lost the weight a few years ago, first with the low GI diet and then with the 5:2 diet which I still follow in order to maintain the weight loss and also because of the many health benefits. I also do exercise videos at home to tone up and keep the weight off.
  10. I only have one kidney. The other one was removed ten years ago along with a large benign growth called an angiomyolipoma which weighed about 2kg .

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I came across your blog by accident – I was searching for information about your dad (I’m one of many people affected and fascinated by Smallcreep’s Day) – but I’ve really enjoyed reading your thoughts on politics and education. Cheers!


  2. I was very inspired by your Dad. As a schoolboy. I used to visit Snake Pottery often and found it all fascinating. I decided I wanted to be a potter as a result. I went to Art college and studied ceramics, worked as a pottery assistant and ran a pottery for about five years. I decided to change to teaching Art after a while because making pottery isn’t much of a living, as you probably know. I teach throwing, and have done for thirty years so I am still a Potter. I see your father occasionally, though not for a few years now. If I go to a re-enactor craft fair they say “Jack, (his Enactor crafter name) he was here a couple of hours ago!”. I hope he is well . I have a lot of respect for him and always loved his stories.


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