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Twelve Months of Blogging and Fifty-Six Blog Posts

So my blog is a year old give or take a couple of days. Happy birthday Ten Things!

I have enjoyed blogging about many and varied topics, brought together by the fact that they are all lists of things.

The most popular post of all has been Nine Signs that David Cameron Might Be a Psychopath, which was actually one of my first posts. It went a bit viral a couple of months after I wrote it, and that was a very exciting time. I remember sitting and constantly refreshing the stats page to watch the number of hits rise. It was a great feeling.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading my posts and if you have any ideas of things I could list then please let me know in the comments.

Here’s to many more years!


Two Fun but Annoying Gifts from Pringles

My kids love Pringles and so do I. I know they are probably really unhealthy but there is something compulsive about eating them. When I saw that they were giving away free gifts I stocked up.

The first gift I sent off for was the Pringles Bowl.pringoalsIt consists of a plastic bowl with markings like a football. It has a white ring-shaped insert that makes it perfect for arranging Pringles in. A whole packet will fit in it, and will go all the way round the bowl. In the centre of the ring there is a space for a red cylinder into which you have to put batteries (which are included!) If you make the mistake of switching on the little switch, every time you reach for a Pringle, the bowl will let out a roar and shout, “Pringoal!” whatever that means. I guess it’s good if you are on a diet as it will certainly put you off eating Pringles.

The second gift I sent off for was the karaoke kit.karaoke

A free karaoke kit! Sounds like a great deal. This gift comes with two sets of batteries – one for the speaker and one for the microphone. The speaker and microphone fit on the ends of a Pringles packet, so if you forgot to keep one of the tubes you have to go and eat a whole packet before you can set up your karaoke kit. (Or you could just pour the Pringles into your free bowl.) There is a jack that connects to your mobile phone and you can play any music you want on your phone and sing into the microphone. Your voice will mingle with the music, and come out of the speaker. It is really quite ingenious, but the novelty soon wears off when your children won’t stop using it. But I did get my own back by forcing them to listen to me singing Adele.