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Three Lies Told by the Leave Campaigners

Many of the claims made by both sides in the EU Referendum campaign cannot be substantiated without a crystal ball, because we simply don’t know what might happen if we leave the EU. Some claims, however, can be shown to be untrue with a little common sense, or simply by walking into any supermarket in the EU. If I were to write about all the fibs and fabrications they have told I wouldn’t finish this before June 23rd, so I have just picked my three favourite falsehoods.

  1. Boris’s Bunches of Bananas Brexit Blunder. Boris Johnson has said that the EU do not let us sell bananas in bunches of more than three. A quick trip to any supermarket in the EU will prove that this is a lie, as you can see from my photo above.
  2. Tall Tales about Turkey. Vote Leave told us that Turkey were about to join the E, suggesting that the entire population of Turkey – some 76 million – were poised to land on our shores. In actual fact Turkey will not be able to join the EU for many years, if at all. They first applied to join in 1987, and since then, just one of the “chapters” that must be completed on signing up to the EU rules before they can join has been signed off. In any case, if we remain in the EU the UK will have a veto.  The approval of each member country is required for them to join. Even if Turkey were, several decades from now, to join the EU, it’s unlikely that most of them would choose to uproot and move abroad, and those that did would have a wide choice of countries to choose from. They wouldn’t all come to the UK. If they did, I might consider going and living in Turkey myself; I quite like the idea of having a whole country all to myself.
  3. NHS Nonsense According to the slogan on the Leave Campaign battle bus,“We send the EU £350m a week. Let’s fund our NHS instead.” This is really two lies. If you want to know how the figure of £350m was arrived at and why it is a distortion, you can read an excellent article  here. Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston, chair of the health select committee has moved from the leave campaign to the remainers, such is her outrage at this deception. The UK Statistics Authority has declared the figure to be misleading and inaccurate. The second part of the lie is the preposterous idea that Jeremy Hunt would use that fictional £350m a week to fund the NHS. If the Leave Campaign think the British public will believe that tale then they must think we are completely stupid. Jeremy Hunt makes no secret of the fact that he wishes to privatise the NHS – he even co-wrote a book on the subject. He is systematically trying to undermine the NHS and set it up for failure so that he can sell it off to his rich friends, hence his scandalous treatment of our junior doctors. The idea that he would suddenly turn round and invest 350 million fictitious pounds per week in the NHS is laughable.

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