Fifteen Cute Photos of Kittens

We have a cat called Custard. She has been neutered now but she had a few litters of kittens before we had her spayed. It was lovely for the boys to watch kittens being born and learn how to look after them. Here are some of the cutest photos of Custard’s kittens.

kittens 16
Two-headed kitten!
kittens 14
It’s a hard life when you’re feeding a toddler. been there, done that.
kittens 12
Where’s all the food gone?
kittens 15
More toddler feeding
kittens 13
tabby cuddles
kittens 10
kittens 7
This was Custard’s last kitten. The boys called him Ninja and they were so sad when he left.
kitten ad 2
Good morning!
kittens 9
Sleeping on his back.
kittens 2
Tabby brothers
kittens 11
My son looking very cute with a kitten
kittens 4
So cute!
kittens 8
Tiny babies
kittens 5
kitten 6



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