Ten Vegetables in my Veg Box

I get an organic veg box delivered once a fortnight by Riverford. I really look forward to having fresh vegetables delivered to my door. I like to try new things that I haven’t tasted before and things that are not so easy to find in the supermarkets. Here’s what today’s delivery has brought.


Green Batavia lettuce. I am looking forward to taking a lovely fresh salad to work tomorrow. I will also add…


… vine tomatoes! These are delicious. I might also add to my salad …

P1090197… onions! Onions are a great addition to any dish, raw or cooked.


Black kale. My absolute favourite way of eating kale is kale crisps. Tear the leaves off the tough midrib. Heat some extra virgin olive oil in the oven, toss the leaves in the hot oil, sprinkle generously with salt and then put in the oven for about ten minutes. Give them a shake every so often. They should be crispy and just beginning to turn brown but not blackened to a crisp. Even my vegetable-phobic son will eat them.


Courgettes. I love courgettes in all sorts of recipes. Courgette frittata is a big favourite, or simply cooked in some butter as a side dish.


Crown Prince Squash. This will be made into pumpkin pie. There will be enough for some soup too (or maybe another pie!)


Avocadoes. My favourite way of eating avocadoes is to slice them in half, remove the stone and fill the hole with a dollop of mayonnaise. Then I just eat it with a spoon. Deliciously creamy!


Leeks.  Leeks are delicious in all sorts of recipes. I think my favourite has to be leek and potato soup, but they also go very well with mushrooms in a quiche.


Brussels sprouts. It must be nearly Christmas if I’ve got Brussels sprouts in my veg box! I love them as long as they are not over-cooked. My usual method of cooking them is to put them in a pan with just enough water so that it will all evaporate by the time they are cooked. You might want to keep an eye on them in case it all evaporates too soon and you ruin your pan as well as your sprouts. Cooked in this way, the sprouts keep all their nutrients and their flavour rather than throwing it all away with the water that you have boiled or steamed them in.


Cosmos potatoes. According to the bag, these potatoes are good for mashing or baking, so we might have jacket potatoes for dinner one day this week. Or I might team them up with those leeks and make some soup.

What is your favourite vegetable and how do you like to eat it?

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