Two Miles From Gloucester Cathedral to Robinswood Hill

Today we took part in an two mile walk organised by the Diocese of Gloucester and the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. The purpose of the walk was to raise awareness of climate change ahead of the climate change talks taking place in Paris next month. On the way we stopped in Gloucester Park, St. James’ Park, and Finlay School, where there were biscuits, and craft activities involving fir cones and coloured ribbons. When we reached Robinswood Hill, a pear tree was planted.

The walk took a couple of hours, and although it was sunny, there was a cold wind, so we decided against walking to the top but went to the café at the bottom of the hill instead.

Here are some photos taken by my son and me.

Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester park

Gloucester Cathedral seen from Robinswood Hill



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