Ten Questions about your Television Viewing Habits

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I was celebrating a friend’s birthday earlier this evening with a group of friends. As we sat around her dining room table tucking into pizza, we got onto the subject of television viewing habits and how our habits differ, and what that might say about us. We decided that we probably were not representative of Britain’s TV viewing public, and we wondered whether viewing habits are to do with a person’s age, background, social class, or something else. Here are some of the questions we discussed. Please do give your answers in the comments, and let me know what you think your answers say about you. It will be as if you are joining in our conversation around the dining room table, and sharing our pizza!

  1. Do you have the television on most of the time regardless of what is on, or do you just switch it on to watch specific programmes and then switch it off again?
  2. Do you watch television every day?
  3. Do you watch soaps?
  4. Do you watch daytime TV or just in the evening?
  5. Do you generally watch TV shows as they are broadcast, or do you watch them afterwards on BBC iplayer etc?
  6. If you watch TV shows as they are broadcast, do you tweet about them or read what others are tweeting?
  7. If you watch programmes after they have been broadcast, do you prefer to do so on the television or on a computer?
  8. Have you ever phoned up to vote on a show such as X Factor?
  9. Have you ever applied to participate in a show?
  10. Do you have a television in your bedroom?



One thought on “Ten Questions about your Television Viewing Habits

  1. Having had a recording box for a couple of years – first Sky+, now EE TV – we never watch live TV. We set up a ridiculous amount of stuff to record – a lot of it films we’ve always wanted to watch. Then, when the disk gets full, we spend half an hour going through and deleting them all without actually watching them. It’s a great exercise in ambition versus reality, but I’m not sure we’re learned anything from it.
    One positive thing is that we spend less time watching things we’re not interested in, because we’re always got something we chose when we decide it’s time to watch telly. (And we mostly watch it on the telly, even though EE TV let’s you play back on you phone.)

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