I Don’t Feel Like Blogging

I have committed myself to writing one blog post a day throughout November for National Blog Posting Month. And yet today the words won’t come. Yesterday was World Kindness Day. Last night 129 people were murdered in Paris and 350 injured by terrorists. The TV and radio have spoken about little else today. So many words.

As I look at my list of blog ideas they all seem so pointless and unimportant. How can I blog about lists of recipes, or funny things that my cat does, when people in France are still searching for loved ones and wondering whether their sons and daughters are alive or dead?

My Facebook news feed is a sea of red white and blue, a symbol of solidarity. There are heart warming stories of people doing what they can to help – queuing up to give blood for the injured. These stories of the resilience of humanity give hope that good can conquer evil and that the terrorists won’t succeed in turning communities against each other and spreading fear and hatred.

What more can I say? Nothing more. I can just hold my children a little tighter tonight, and remember how precious life is.



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