Ten Reasons I’m Glad I Live in Gloucester

  1. Gloucester has the best pizza outside Italy! Fat Toni’s pizzas are the biggest and the best with some amazing toppings.pizza
  2. Gloucester Quays is a fantastic place to go shopping. There are fabulous outlet stores such as Gap, White Stuff and most recently Fat Face. There are also lots of great places to eat. My favourite is Portivo Lounge because there are always lots of delicious options for vegetarians. The vegetarian breakfast is definitely worth getting out of bed for!
  3. Robinswood Hill. A great place to go for family walks. There’s a café and a brand new playground at the bottom, and if you’re adventurous enough to walk to the top there are fabulous views. robinswood
  4. The Severn Bore. This is an amazing spectacle caused by the fact that the River Severn is tidal. It is one of the biggest bores in the world. Find out more here.
  5. Theatre and Cinema. As well as a new Cineworld, we have the lovely little independent Sherborne Cinema. The Guildhall is a fantastic venue for film and theatre as well as music. The Barton area of the city is home to two small theatres – Kings Theatre and the New Olympus.
  6. There’s a lot of beautiful countryside just a short drive away. One of our favourite places to go is the Forest of Dean. FOD
  7. Gloucester has the best Motorway Services in the UK! Opened in 2014, it is situated on the M5 between junctions 11A and 12 in both directions. It has a farm shop, restaurant, indoor play area and a duck pond.
  8. Gloucester Cathedral was built in the 7th Century. It is a beautiful and fascinating building – well worth a visit. It was used for filming some of the Hogwarts scenes from the Harry Potter films.
  9. History and Museums. Gloucester has a rich history dating back more than 2000 years. Find out all about the history of the city in its museums. In the centre you can visit the City Museum and the Folk Museum, while at the docks you will find the National Waterways Museum and the Soldiers of Gloucestershire museum.
  10. Gloucester is a wonderfully diverse city with people from all over the world. You can hear many different languages being spoken in the streets, and there’s a wide variety of shops and restaurants selling food from all over the globe.

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