Six Reasons Why I am Taking Part in NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo November 2015

October 31st usually sees me sitting up till after midnight, trying to resist the kids’ trick-or-treat sweets, and waiting excitedly to be able to begin my novel for National Novel Writing Month. This year I had decided not to take part in NaNoWriMo. It was a difficult decision. I love the anticipation, the challenge, the support and camaraderie from other participants both online and in real life. But I get so little time to myself with work and the boys, and the thought of dedicating practically all of my me time (the couple of hours after the boys go to bed and before my own bedtime) to writing, every day for 30 days, just seemed a bit too much of a commitment this year. So when, a few days ago, I came across a different challenge, with no minimum word count, I decided to look into it. My first impulse was a fear of letting people read what I hadn’t had sufficient time to edit and perfect. But then I thought it over and decided this could be a blessing rather than a curse. With NaNoWriMo I never let anybody read any of my novels. They are still sitting among all my other documents waiting to be opened and redrafted. With NaBloPoMo I am forced to be bolder.

So for the next thirty days I will be posting a blog post a day. Some of them may differ from my usual Ten Things format. Some of them may be very short if I don’t have much time. To make the best use of my thirty days I am staying up till midnight tonight to start my November blogging as early as possible.

Six Reasons Why I am Taking Part in NaBloPoMo.

  1. I can never resist a challenge. From NaNoWriMo to the 30 day squat challenge I love to stretch myself and set myself goals.
  2. It is manageable. Although I have always finished NaNoWriMo every time I have started it, and always made it to 50,000 words, it is a huge commitment and one that I didn’t feel up to this year. NaBloPoMo, on the other hand, feels more manageable as there are no minimum word counts.
  3. Forming a habit. I started my blog very recently, and this could get me into the good habit of blogging regularly. It is said that habits take 21 days to form, so in 30 days the habit of regular blogging should really take hold.
  4. Forming links and networks with other bloggers. I’m really intrigued to read what my fellow bloggers will be writing about this month and sharing the challenges and the successes with them.
  5. Silencing my Inner Editor. Often, I have an idea for something I want to write, or I start writing, but that little voice in my head keeps telling me it’s not good enough, and I stop. During November I will have to ignore that little voice, and keep on writing.
  6. More followers and more visitors for my blog. That would be nice!

So here it is, my first post of the month. I hope you will keep me company over the next 30 days. If anyone feels inspired to join me on this journey, you can sign up here.


One thought on “Six Reasons Why I am Taking Part in NaBloPoMo

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I always find it a challenge to go against my inherent introvert and put myself out there including my thoughts and opinions. I’ve come a long way but find it easy to slip into the, “Would anyone be interested in what I have to say?” so this challenge is a good kick in the pants and say YES and remind me that at least in this social media sphere, this blog is for ME.

    I also discovered this post which was a good reminder too:

    Cheers to you and here’s to November full of posts!


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