Ten Crazy Things That My Cat Does

I have a tabby cat called Custard. She has a lovely personality. She is very loving and affectionate, but also a bit bonkers. Here is a list of some of her crazy habits.

  1. She likes to tease next door’s dog. She pokes a paw under the garden fence which drives the dog crazy. Then she quickly steps away from the fence and appears to be sniggering to herself mischievously.

2. She carries socks around the house, puts them in front of us and sits there expectantly as if waiting for thanks for the lovely gift. .

sock3. She loves to sit on my lap every time I sit down, especially when I sit on the toilet.

4. She likes to sit on the desk right in front of the computer screen. I think she might be doing this because that way I will look at her and pay her some attention. Recently I got a new computer with a touch screen which is infuriating as she manages to scroll the pages with her tail, and click on links – usually links to recipes.

5. Her favourite toy is the piece of blue plastic that you tear off when you open a bottle of milk. She carries it around in her mouth and fights with it viciously.

blue milk6. If she is in the garden and she sees me through the window, she will come running over and demand that I open the window and let her in, even though she could perfectly well use the cat flap. When I let her in, she sits in the open window. .window7. Other high up places she likes to sit include the top of the fridge and the top of doors. We have a calendar pinned on the kitchen door and she has been known to lean over from the top of the door and pull out the drawing pin with her teethdoor8. When I do workouts she always comes and sits on my mat. When I do a plank she sits underneath me, and when I do crunches she jumps on my hair.

9. She likes to watch over the boys when they sleep. Sometimes she sits on my son’s pillow with a protective paw on his face. When he had a sleepover she sat in the doorway of the bedroom and watched over everyone.

10. She likes to impersonate a banana.

fruit bowl

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