Nine Signs that David Cameron Might be a Psychopath

Psychologist Robert D. Hare developed the Hare psychopathy check-list to test whether or not an individual is a psychopath. Our Prime Minister, David Cameron, seems to display a worryingly large number of the signs of psychopathy.

  1.  Glibness and superficial charm. Oh yes, Cameron is a master of superficial charm.

2. Incongruity and contradiction. Cameron is full of contradiction, like the time when he announced that the Conservative party is the party for working people, and then in the next breath announced plans to cut tax credits and limit the right to strike. Or when he promises to improve social mobility while all his policies are designed to prevent it.

3. Grandiose sense of self worth. Yes, I’m pretty sure he ticks that box.


4. Cunning and manipulative. He has managed to manipulate the British public into blaming the most vulnerable for all the problems of our society when in reality he has caused them.

5. Pathological lying. Take your pick. “We are paying down Britain’s debts.”

6. Lack of empathy, remorse or guilt. Tax credits, food banks, refugees, bedroom tax. I could go on.

7. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions. It’s all the fault of the unemployed, claiming money from the taxpayers. Of course Cameron himself has never claimed any money at all from the British taxpayer.

8. Unconvincing emotional responses. His recent outrage at the lack of equal opportunities for women and ethnic minorities certainly had a hollow unconvincing ring to it.

9. Sexual deviance. Need I say more? Piggate.


27 thoughts on “Nine Signs that David Cameron Might be a Psychopath

  1. No doubt psychological tendency, Neurotic behaviour also. Megalomaniac. A disturbed mind being on his need for self gratification. A believe he has unadulterated power. A self designated evil.


  2. have believed that anyone who is a tory ticks the psychopath boxes. including voters for there has to be an inherent indifference to the plight of the vulnerable; disabled, and homeless etc. to vote or give credence to their policies.

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  3. of course, and so are all the other brazen, money grabbing, attention seeking egotistics who lie through their teeth, and mow everyone else down in their wake. And they get away with it because decent hardworking individuals want nothing to do with them


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